Eviction Moratorium, Rental Assistance

Eviction Moratorium, Rental Assistance

Renters will be eligible for relief if their household income is below 80% of the area median income (which varies by county and household size), and someone living there:

  • Has qualified for unemployment benefits, has lost part of their income, or has experienced financial hardship because of Covid-19,



  • Can show that they are at risk of losing their home

The funds can be used for back rent and overdue utility payments from the start of the pandemic, as well as future bills. Landlords and utility companies can be paid directly by state and local governments as long as tenants have signed off on the application. If landlords refuse the aid, renters can apply and receive the funds and then pay their landlords. Households are eligible for 12 months of assistance but may receive up to 15 months if it is necessary to keep them in their home.